[Wine] Re: How can I detect WINE from my program?

Evengard wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 7 17:18:28 CDT 2010

I would like to reply to this discussion about why having something to detect wine.
You know, there is some things (for example, things like GameGuard for Lineage II, or other game protection things) which would never work in wine because of the way how they work (if I am mistaken, please, provide a link to a valid accepted bugzilla bug). But these things are a vital part of some programs, and they work like a charm in Windows, but making those programs completely useless because just of these kinds of system. There is no way for programmers to add some basic compatibility with wine, and a lot of people are thinking that wine is useless because it is not able to run their favorite game for example. They would never understand why such things are unimplemented.
So - just give please devs an easy workaround for such things please!

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