[Wine] Using Wine on Ubuntu to install Windows XP

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 7 19:56:50 CDT 2010

techman41973 wrote:
> A friend gave me an old Fujitsu tablet that has Ubuntu/Linux installed.
> I want to wipe the system clean and install Windows XP.
> I have a Windows XP CD but the tablet PC doesn't have a CDROM drive.
> I transfered the files from the Windows XP CD to a USB key. The problem is you can't run the Windows XP setup in the Ubuntu environment and the Bios of the Tablet PC will does not support booting from a USB device.
> Can I launch the Windows XP installation setup successfully by running the setup utility from Wine?
Simple answer:  No.

Lengthy answer:  You will have to boot the XP disk from a readable
CD/DVD device in order for the installation to be orderly as XP will
reboot your system at least once during the install and keep on trying
to install.

Best solution is to try a single drive install.  That is WAY beyond this
mailing list/forum and is described elsewhere on the Internet.

James McKenzie

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