[Wine] Re: Going back to windoze

rdonnelly wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 8 08:47:13 CDT 2010

Never mind, I reconsidered, allowing windoze to run my PC would be a joke, and not to mention all the overhead with spy scans, antivirus, etc. I will have to make a sacrifice either way, so I think I will stay with Linux, and just deal with Vbox, as I doubt I will ever be able to run a full featured windoze accounting app through wine. Keep in mind, that the companies that write these apps include lots of features to keep state, local, and federal taxes in an easy to use format. Not something you would get in a Linux app that was made for international use. Then again, with the future of Cloud computing, windoze may become even less of a necessary evil in the near future.

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