[Wine] Any issues with >=4GB ram installed?

David C. Kerber dkerber at warrenrogersassociates.com
Thu Apr 8 08:58:16 CDT 2010


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> I newer experienced problem on my PC with 4 GB of RAM, I used 
> 32-bit PAE-enabled kernel (so it could map up to 64 GB of 
> ram) - no problems with wine or anything else.
> P.S
> It is funny that in order to use 4GB of memory, or more - you 
> must have 64-bit Windos, event thou on Linux, you can easily 

Not necessarily; some of the server versions of windows NT and 2k (Data Center edition, IIRC) could use much more than 4G, I assume using PAE and paging.  Those versions were quite expensive, though.

> use up to 64GB of RAM on 32 bit kernel ;]

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