[Wine] Disable games with wine

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Sat Apr 10 20:35:01 CDT 2010

On 2010-04-10 (April, Saturday) 00:33:50 Trohan wrote:
> Yes thats all I want

	There is many ways to do it. I need more information to help you choose the 
right way that will be suitable both for you and your users. Please answer 
following questions:

	1) Do you expect users to try to bypass any restrictions you will put on them? 
In other words, do you expect them to try to create another Wine prefixe or try 
to do other "advanced things" to bypass your restrictions? If yes, any possible 
way to bypass such restrictions must be blocked (I will tell you how if you 
answer "yes" to this question).
	2) Are programs you wish your users to use require writable registry access?
	3) Are programs you wish your users to use require writable filesystem access? 
(For example, many web-based and some other programs don't require any kind of 
writable access assuming they are already configured).
	4) Can you code in C? Can you write zsh/bash scripts? At least basic knowledge 
of C and zsh/bash scripting is recommended. However there is many things you 
can do even without any such knowledge - depends on what you want (answer 
questions above).

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