[Wine] winamp under Wine , directx and more

CWB wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 11 09:16:12 CDT 2010

greetings ,

i have been trying to figure out how to run winamp under Wine .
i received a message saying that directx could not be found , so  i grabbed the latest .exe version and attempted to install it with no luck .
i believe i have the right installation path ... maybe not .

i looked around here a bit and found a couple of references to directx but nothing that seems to fit my situation . i did see reference to what looks like a substitute set of directx files ... there was also mention of a couple of "tools" that may (i hope) get me around the file path problem . 

is there a tutorial or a "do this , this , and then this" set of instructions specific to winamp ?

i am running the latest flavor of "zorin" .
if that is part of the problem , i can certainly install an OS that works (gnome gui preferred) .
heh , you should have seen what happened with another distro . the winamp graphics kept flying off the screen into oblivion .
[Shocked]   [Laughing]   :? 
many thanks in advance .

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