[Wine] Windows Scheduled Tasks - Supported?

bfloeagle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 13 14:28:38 CDT 2010

One of the applications that I would like to use in Wine relies heavily on Windows Scheduled Tasks (IE: the program does what it does very well, but without a scheduled task, it would never run automatically).  

The application is 2BrightSparks SyncBackPro.

How does Wine handle this?  I'm not much of a Windows programmer but basically in Windows, SyncBackPro opens the Windows Scheduler when the users wants to schedule a task and then after it is created, reads information from it back into an internal database.  How would something like this work since Wine itself is not running Windows?

And trying to stay hopeful, even if it did support something like this, what is the native application that remains in memory performing the tasks (just like cron would for a Unix host)?


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