[Wine] Re: Windows Scheduled Tasks - Supported?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 14 06:43:04 CDT 2010

Read more careful Usurp.  I said at times backup program will require root.  To do wide reaching backups across many users.  Ie the permission to bypass permissions.  In this case its root is not moot.

Lot of windows programs running as scheduled tasks expect to go where ever they like  they are not normally limited by running as particular user so normally don't have good coding to cope with the event.  When it comes to a backup program not worth the risk.

My warning about root was not to do with what cron can and cannot do.    It directly links to what backup programs have to do.

Backup programs can also be very platform particular Usurp.   A backup program running inside wine will not always be able to back up file permissions of Linux correctly either.

bfloeagle little pain now lot less in future.  At least a backup solution targeted at a platform works correctly.

Yes I had done a lot more research on it that I let known Usurp.

I did typo by the way and it got missed very sorry.  http://www.areca-backup.org/features.php  supports permissions on Linux but does not on windows.  Unfortunately most people are not aware how many execute bits  backing up a users home directly alone can require.

2BrightSpark SyncBackPro does not pick up permissions at all.  Major headache down the track for sure when working with Linux.

More scrambled what I was trying to type.

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