[Wine] Re: a question about dll override?

hellork wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 15 12:45:44 CDT 2010

Forth great Swim wrote:
> I have tried to replace all dlls in wine's system32 with windowx xp dlls. And the winecfg can not run. seems the dlls in wine's system32 directory are not just fake dlls. If anyone could give me some explanation? I feel I am so confused with the dlls override.

The dlls are quite fake. Even the larger ones contain no export table and a miniscule 5 bytes of code. But they do contain resources, that is icons.

winedump user32.dll
  size of code                       0x5            5
Data Directory
  EXPORT       rva: 0x0         size: 0x0
  RESOURCE     rva: 0x3000      size: 0x11bcc

That said, it is kind of a mystery why winecfg will not run when you replace certain fake DLLs. Is there some kind of automatic override going on?
My suggestion is don't put dlls into system32. Take only the dlls you need to override and put them into the individual program's folder.

There's lots of links about wine's fake dlls. Here's a couple I found.

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