[Wine] Problem with a Win95 application

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Thu Apr 15 15:03:23 CDT 2010

Hi Ed,

Thanks for that information. It nicely clarifies things I was wondering

WRT the DOS program: I haven't tried to port that at all, but what you
say doesn't surprise me. Over 10 years ago I tried to write a DOS
application to talk to an OS-9 box or a Parallax BS-2 STAMP over a
serial connection. I was using a Borland compiler at the time. I found
with disbelief that neither Borland nor DOS had a serial port API and
that documentation was equally lacking. I tried what OSS code fragments
I could find but nothing worked fast enough to be usable, which was a
big surprise since I'd previously programmed Motorola ACIAs easily
enough. Eventually I bit the bullet and bought the Willies Software
COM-DRV package, which 'just worked' with Borland and DOS. 

The Uploader: I've never been able to get the Uploader to work with a
USB adapter, but once I installed a multiport PCI adapter and told the
kernel to use 6 ports, the Uploader immediately found all six ports and
'just works', so you did a good job there. Its still in constant use
here and is likely to remain so, since I have no plans to replace my
model D any time soon.

Thanks for confirming that EWView has no relationship to the Uploader.
Unfortunately I'm stuck with it until either GPLIGC gets the ability to
plot turnpoints from the waypoint file and to do proper zooms or I get
really frustrated and write my own viewer for Linux.


On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 14:25 -0500, Ed Davies wrote:
> I'm the author of some of the EW software:
> 1. EWView/DOS
> This, as its name implies is a 16-bit DOS program written originally
> in Zortech C++ but converted to fairly early on to Microsoft C++.  I
> wrote this and have tried it under Wine.  It doesn't work which
> doesn't terribly surprise me as the program's own code and the
> libraries it uses are fairly low level in their access to the screen
> (fishing around in BIOS locations, as I recall).
> 2. EW Windows Uploader
> This is a 32-bit Windows program written in Microsoft C++ which I also
> wrote.  When I tried it under Wine it ran OK but had problems
> accessing the serial port.  I was trying it with a USB-to-serial
> adaptor and have a vague recollection of setting up the mapping of the
> Wine DOS device to the /dev/ttyUSB<n> device but didn't get beyond
> that.
> 3. EWView II and EWView III
> These were written in VB (VB 4 initially, I think) by somebody else.
> I'm very unfamiliar with them but believe they remained 16-bit
> applications throughout their lives.
> The only substantial point I can answer is
> > However, the two programs almost certainly use different support
> libraries and may have other internal changes too...
> to confirm that EW Windows Uploader and the EWView II or III programs
> are completely separate and use different support libraries, etc.

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