[Wine] Re: Winepath on Mac

tpatko wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 15 17:36:36 CDT 2010

if your like getting that string, and pulling it into a string variable, you can do some simple string manipulation to add a \ in front of the :'s .. or just add single quotes tot he front and back, which would be easier, since you need to already quote it. 

Yes, I understand that I could write a script to do this manipulation but the point here is that it seems to me that calling winepath with -u commandline switch should really return a PROPER native UNIX path, and not one that has to be further processed with a script.  I am just asking any of the WINE developers if this can be implemented or how the source code can be modified to do this directly rather than having to use a secondary script to accomplish this.  That is all.

Hopefully there is some reasonably simple way to accomplish this.  Any advice to reach this goal is appreciated.


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