[Wine] Re: Winepath on Mac

tpatko wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 16 00:10:14 CDT 2010

Dear doh123:

Thank you very much for the script sample.  I have written the simple script that you described:

# Convert from WINE to native Mac UNIX filepath
TEMPVAR=$(/Applications/Firefly/WINE/bin/winepath "$@")
# Test if UNIXFILEPATH was properly assigned
exit 0

Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work properly without using the single quotes when calling it.  For example:

winepathOSX Z:\Applications\Firefly\BENCH1.out




winepathOSX 'Z:\Applications\Firefly\BENCH1.out'



Obviously the latter is what I want, but the file parameter that I will be passed will look like the former (without the single quotes on either side).  For some reason I could not modify your script to make it work without having the single quotes on either side of the parameter that is to be passed to it (this is coming from the Windows program running through WINE so I cannot change this).  Is there a way to do this in BASH?  I will then use the UNIXFILEPATH variable to call various Mac native programs for a variety of purposes.

I still think that this should all be done by winepath automatically from calling the -u switch (or at least designate a new switch for what seems to be the normal intuitive UNIX path).

Thank you kindly for all of the assistance.



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