[Wine] Re: PortableApps fail to close properly on mounted USB drive

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 17 13:47:43 CDT 2010

Marc Chamberlin wrote:
> While I agree that the bug reported with id=200389 is a problem I am 
> also experiencing, the problem I reported in this thread, (I think) may 
> be a different issue. I can close the apps, Thunderbird and Firefox, 
> (via the File -> Close menu) but I cannot dismount the USB drive that 
> they were executed from. This is due to the face that open files are 
> left behind AFTER these apps have been closed. It appears as if 
> sometimes the process started for these apps remains as a deprecated 
> process, other times the process does disappear but the files associated 
> with the apps remain open to an orphaned process that no longer exists.

File a bug.

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