[Wine] Re: DirectX Apps causing spontaneous, intermittent reboot?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 18 11:35:07 CDT 2010

Evil Jay wrote:
> I had that problem one time, and after months of troubleshooting it as a potential Wine or video driver issue, it unfortunately it turned out to be a defective EVGA video card (why I never buy that brand anymore).

Most hi-end cards are made by one manufacturer and sold with different stickers by everyone else. They all have same chances to fail. This applies to both AMD & nVidia.

Also keep in mind nVidia had huge batches of improperly assembled chips (faulty interconnects) that would fail after some period of time. Especially if being overheated. All vendors had issues with them, including Dell and HP. Just blaming EVGA (which does some-what decent cards) not correct.

I had MSI card that fail because of nVidia chip died (worked fine in 2D, instant lockup/reboot in 3D).

All depends on how good the card is (if it's any different then reference design) and how good the service is (how much effort does it take to replace/fix failed card).

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