[Wine] Re: Alien vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Mouse doesn't working

mogorva wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Apr 18 12:12:45 CDT 2010

vitamin wrote:
> mogorva wrote:
> > How strange, you have no 'fixme:xinput:XInputGetState (3 0x33fd1c)' in your console? There are tons of them right after starting the game under Wine-1.1.43. 99 percent of my log is filled with those fixmes.
> > I guess those fixmes about xinput might be related to the bug.
> No, it's not related. XInput handles xbox controllers only. Not mouse, not keyboard. Besides if that game from 2000 it shouldn't even know about xinput. Are you sure you talking about the same program here?
> BTW I haven't seen those messages in your "complete" terminal output you posted before. Please post _complete_ start to finish terminal output. If it's too big (100s of lines) post on pastebin.

http://pastebin.com/nxHVAN79 now contains the log, generated by Wine-1.1.43 when starting AvP Classic 2000 (Steam version). The log shows a short period (cca 1 minutes from starting the game and selecting the first mission). The log grows very fast as filled with xinput fixmes. Wine-1.1.43 is (almost) a clean install, only gecko,corefonts and tahoma were installed by winetricks (because of steam) and native d3dx9_36.dll was placed into the game's directory (the game doesn't start correctly with Wine's built-in one.) The game is a remake of the 2000's version, with revamped DirectX graphics, I think.

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