[Wine] Does Access 2003 work on Wine?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 18 21:42:31 CDT 2010

Todd And Margo Chester wrote:
> On 04/18/2010 09:12 AM, vitamin wrote:
>> Todd And Margo Chester wrote:
>>> Ah poo!  That was the last program I had to get working before I 
>>> could migrate to Linux.  Looks like I am stuck with Windows for this 
>>> client.
>> Honestly, I haven't seen a single ms access program worth keeping. 
>> Converting it to something cross-platform would be much better 
>> solution then running access on Wine.
> You are correct.  This is potentially 60 computes.  The retraining is
> the issue.  Plus, low quality programs like the Bug Riddled Open Office
> (BROO), where they never fix any bugs (I have a couple of seven year
> old bugs out there), tend to drive the users crazy.  I converted a five
> user network over to BROO about four years ago and the two secretaries
> about scratched my eyes out (the bugs, the bugs, the bugs).
All software has and will continue to have 'bugs'.  Software is NOT 
perfect.  Access has them and it also has some serious shortcomings.  
However, if it works for you.  And yes the bugs do get fixed in 
OpenOffice.org, Wine and any other FOSS project BASED UPON THE SKILLS OF 
THE DEVELOPERS, not the priority YOU think they should get fixed in.  
Sorry, but when you get something for 'free' you have the right to keep 
the broken pieces as well.  Also, there is something called patent law.  
No FOSS project wants to run afoul of it.  Microsoft is one of those 
companies that is very good at persuing patent violators and punishing 
them.  Since we are trying to emulate the Windows32 and Windows64 APIs 
we have to be very careful where we tread.

BTW, if you looked at Wine's bugzilla you would find bugs that have 
existed since Bugzilla was started with this project.  That does not 
mean that they will not be fixed, but some of them have had fixes 
rejected, time and time again.  The same is true for any software project.
> If I were to substitute, I would need a sub for Word, Excel, Access.
> And, since they eMail their customers constantly with Excel and
> Word attachments, it would have to seamlessly integrate with
> both Word and Excel.  BROO is out -- don't want my eyes scratched out.
Hmmm.  Let's see.  The only problem I ever encountered with 
OpenOffice.org was the fact that Thunderbird was broken.  The folks at 
Mozilla.org know this and they are not going to fix it either...
> So, basically, I am stuck with M$
Yes you are if you insist on using Access.  However, if you were willing 
to move to a 'real' database, or an operational front end to MS SQL, you 
could move to a number of programs that are native to Linux and/or MacOSX...

However, you did state you are 'stuck' with Access.

James McKenzie

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