[Wine] Wine compilation without fonts in CentOS 5.4

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Sun Apr 18 23:05:31 CDT 2010

>> So the problem is in the CentOS freetype be older than Ubuntu?
> can't just update your freetype libraries?

Yes, you can. The Freetype packages from Fedora 11/12 compile fine on  
CentOS 5. There is an issue with compiling 32-bit Freetype RPMs on  
x86_64, but the "mock" package builder can work around that by  
building in a chroot.

I agree with vitamin, CentOS is not the best desktop OS. I personally  
run 5.4 on my Linux desktop with Wine compiled from source, mostly for  
version parity with my RHEL and CentOS servers. There are a lot of  
dependencies to build if you want a fully-functional Wine (OpenAL,  
updated GnuTLS & Freetype, etc.), but it's definitely doable.

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