[Wine] Firebird 2.1 and Wine under MANDRIVA

viny vincent.hardy.be at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 07:07:45 CDT 2010


Install Firebird windows "client".
$ wine Firebird-
and select "client minimal"

It shoud work.

Do this after each wine upgrade.

Good Morning

I'm working with MANDRIVA 2008. My application has been witten with 
Delphi 7. As
long as I had FireBird 1.5, i could connect my program to a DataBase 
without any
problem using Wine. Since I have installed Firedird 2.1 the application 

If I run Flamerobin directly under Linux, no pb
I have used as a path the one given in Flamerobin : no connection
I have used the path : //ip_adress:/home/mydirectory/myBase.fdb : no 
I have used sommething like  ip_Adress/3050/home/..... : no connection

It's a bit boring !!!!

Shere did I do a mistake ?

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