[Wine] Re: Wine on Android

RobRedbeard wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Apr 20 20:49:25 CDT 2010

I think he's looking to run ARM code on an ARM processor. 

Don't forget there's the "other win32 platform" -- Windows Mobile. 

This would definitely require forking a new project aimed at that platform.  

I'm not sure what the implications would be for Android, but I'm sure some of the difficulties would include:

- No X11 (as mentioned, and Wine currently translates Windows calls to X11)

- Although both platforms (WinMo and Android) currently run on the same architecture (ARM) -- Android adopts a hardware agnostic principle and in the future might be found on other CPUs. Thus the lack of support for native code.  So even though they both run on ARM now, "WineMo" would have to do machine emulation of an ARM system to:
 a ) insure a correct environment on any future hardware
 b ) make WinMo apps run from within Java. 

- We really would need GOOGLE to step in and at least create the project and setup the necessary support in native code in the system. This all seems way outside the reach of Java.


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