[Wine] Re: stay online

hellork wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 22 03:52:34 CDT 2010

tj wrote:
> i tried starting a program via wine using command in my debian server but no matter what i can't make my program run.
> so i just remotely desktop access the program and associate the .exe to wine and that able to start it.
> but the problem as soon as i close my desktop remote session the said program stops.
> is there a way to keep my wine initiated program keep running and stay online?

Sure, just keep your desktop session open :)
What you might want is to configure the remote desktop to stay open on the other end. Or run it from a terminal like ssh -X and then have something like screen installed which allows you to disconnect and re-connect to the same terminal or support multiple logins to the same terminal. None of that has anything to do with wine though.

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