[Wine] Re: Half-Life Installation Issues

Skyline969 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 23 17:23:39 CDT 2010

Triple post... terribly sorry. This is new... "Half-Life requires Service Pack 3 or above." Yes I'm using Windows XP as my mode. Windows 7 gives me an "hl.exe experienced an error... blah blah blah" message. As does Windows Vista. Windows 2000 does it, but then it gives me a "please insert the CD" message. However, it DOES go to the menu (which is slightly garbled in terms of graphics). I'm updating to now.

Ok... more problems. When I start a game, it goes to my desktop in 640x480 mode, and starts playing the sounds like the game is going. Pressing escape goes to the HL menu, where I quit the application.

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