[Wine] Re: Noob but old, trying to run ACDSee

RayTheRat wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Apr 24 17:28:12 CDT 2010

Just cuz I've been using ACDSee for so long, I have a copy of "Classic" (roughly v2.4) and it installed fine under Wine.  Runs fine, too.

Paint Shop Pro is a different issue altogether.  It installs fine.  In the installation I disabled what I thought figured might be the most troublesome options and basically did a bare-bones installation.  No joy.  Blows up with a Runtime Error."  Not the most helpful message I've ever seen.

Just to clarify, I have installed these apps thru Wine, rather than attempting a native installation.

So it's off to find something other than GIMP or PhotoShop, neither of which are suited to my needs.  

I guess it's progress.


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