[Wine] Greater OS X integration

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 25 19:39:40 CDT 2010

Haravikk wrote:
> Hmm, is the ability to edit a post disabled? Anyway, I realised I missed one item off the list:
> Custom X11 Build
> Not exactly a big deal, but the main issue with WINE in OS X's X11 implementation at the moment is that X11 seems to force even full-screen applications to have a title-bar, which means you can never have a truly full-screen application. This produces various issues, such as requiring games to be played a resolution that accounts for the lost vertical space (otherwise it will extend off the bottom of the screen).
This already exists.  It is called CrossOver4Mac.  Until CodeWeavers 
releases the custom code they use, it would be a futile effort to 
duplicate it, as I suspect that they have a patent, a very powerful 
legal tool that is theirs to use.
> The "full-screen mode" for X11 is also fairly lame even ignoring that issue, as all it does is trades the OS X menu-bar's screen real estate for only being able to use X11 or OS X, as it seizes both screens and blanks them out. It also seems to have a weird issue if you try to drag a window such that it fills up as much of the screen as possible, in that the window will end up snapping to about half-way down the screen.
The problem here is not that X11 does not support it, it is that 
Apple/XQuartz implementation is broken.  This is not something that Wine 
can or should fix.
> I'm really not sure what the options are when it comes to tweaking this however, it hopefully only requires a few patches to X11 (which I think is open source?), or changes in how WINE communicates with it, but it could require a lot more work. Fixing it up would certainly make for a far more seamless experience, but might be way more work than it's worth.
The problem is that we really, really need a native interface, not the 
broken X11 one.  There was work started on this, on several occassions.  
The difficulty with this is that Wine MUST build on all platforms 
without errors in testing.  I have suggested using the same method that 
OpenOffice.org used to integrate the interface in OO.org 3.0 and up on 
the Mac.  I will advise that this took MAN-DECADES to get to the state 
it is in.  I know most of the players that did this and they are NOT 
willing to do this for another project.

And yes, edits are disabled.  The forums feed a mailing list and the 
edits are not fed through.

James McKenzie


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