[Wine] Re: Correct wrong character set?

cnbiz850 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 26 01:03:24 CDT 2010

vitamin wrote:
> cnbiz850 wrote:
> > Second, in the case of editing/creating something in a Wine'd editor
> It already works at is should. Go create a file in Wine's notepad and look at it. It will have lines terminated with CRLF.

OK.  But I guess it is a function of Notepad rather than Wine itself.  I have used two editors that both come with Windows based stock analysis programs.  One is more tolerate without complaining about this issue.  But the other (the subject of this thread) has issues with it.  The conclusion we can draw from this is that in this particular aspect, the Wine'd environment is not on par as it should be.

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