[Wine] pulseaudio under ubuntu lucid

thorin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 26 04:21:19 CDT 2010

Hello. In the previous version of ubuntu, karmic, I had countless problems with wine and pulseaudio, because I was often using the oss output under winecfg, and in addition because of the mpeg123 issue. Under lucid, the mpeg123 libraries are present and up to date, and wine both compiles fine without complaint, and the alsa output works perfectly. There is absolutely no distortion in games like unreal tournament 3 and mass effect 1, and games that previously had problems with audio before like The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition also work without issue.

Basically, I think Ubuntu Lucid has fixed any issues with pulseaudio and wine. I should mention that when compiling wine from source, I had to install the alsa development libraries under synaptic in order to have alsa output. In addition to that, it is required for you to prefix any commands that launch games with padsp. In all cases that I have tried, in both native and wine games, it has worked fine.

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