[Wine] Re: ActiveX lockup in 1.1.42 with IE6

dersh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Apr 26 21:27:14 CDT 2010

I tried what you suggested.  But, I can't get 1.1.34 to run with IE6.  Or even with winetricks.

I am using a Mac, and I believe that for a while there were oddities with Mac builds that have since been incorporated into the head.  Perhaps 1.1.34 was not one that could be built and run as a standard simple build on a Mac?  

Just doing a simple wine command, causes a continuous stream of new instances, until I kill them all.
For example, I wanted to try to use a clean "C" drive.  So I did this:
export WINEPREFIX=~/winetest
env WINE=/Users/dersh/Programming/Wine_testing/wine-git/wine winetricks comctl32
and I get an ever increasing number of instances of wine.  I believe that this was a known problem with older wine builds, on a mac, that have since been fixed.  
I had never built 1.1.34 before.  Back then I was just using a binary.

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