[Wine] strange problem

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 26 21:42:20 CDT 2010

Michalxo wrote:
> Thanks James, but I am really using 1.1.41 and 1.1.42 versions. Can be problem 64bit debian? I was using 32bits ubuntu. On other 32bit ubuntu, I can start it correctly.
> Do you want me to paste whole big winedbg? There were many "pass"-es. I only showed one when it happened + it's predecessor. 
> Program is called TurAtlasCR.exe. No way you can know about it :-( It's a offline map viewer.
Ah, samosan, you underestimate the power of the most noble GOOGLE.  It 
can provide a lot of information on the different programs, even those 
we are not supposed to know anything about.

However, we can assist if you provide the error messages through a 
source such as pastebin.com and its knockoffs.  This way you don't end 
up 'spamming' the mailing list, and those who are interested can go 
visit your error messages to provide assistance.

So, when are we going to be able to see those error messages through a 
friendly URL?

James McKenzie

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