[Wine] wine software export to China restriction?

David C. Kerber dkerber at warrenrogersassociates.com
Wed Apr 28 07:23:50 CDT 2010

There is obviously a market for both Windows and Linux development (and Apple and zOS as well).  Equally obviously, the windows market is much larger than any of those others.  So any business needs to decide which market to target:  the larger one with more competiton, or the smaller one but which has less competition.

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> I can't answer your questions.  But I am very curious on the 
> status/prospects of Linux usage in China.  Would you share 
> some of your understanding about it?  Is your software 
> institutional or personal?  I am based in China doing 
> investments.  I and my associates all use Linux and Wine to 
> run securities analysis software.  But my understanding is 
> that we are the minorities.  Most others in the industry use 
> Windows as all software developers develop Windows software.  
> I think they are crazy, so I advocate whenever possible about 
> using/developing Linux.  And they think I am crazy.

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