[Wine] Wine - How to copy files with File Manager?

davidcmc wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Apr 28 16:15:16 CDT 2010

Situation: I've bottlered WinRAR with WineBottler (Mac OS X). Firstly, after running Wine.app, it asked my to update to 1.1.43 version, so I've accepted it. The update was fine and then I proceeded to the bottlering of WinRAR.
The app is working well and I didn't have to install any additional winetrick.

However, theres a problem: I need to copy a file into this bottle, but the bottle is inside an .app file. So, I've runned WinRAR.app and then clicked the Wine Tools -> File Manager. It opened a file explorer and showed me a Drive C (bottle partition) and a Drive Z (Mac partition). If I try to copy a file from Drive Z to Drive C, nothing happens. Even if I select "Copy" from contextual menu, theres no "Paste" when I click on Drive C.

Also, I've tried exploring the contents of WinRAR.app. In Finder, I could locate the whole "drive_c" and copy the file I wished to. The problem is that after running the app (and, consequently, the bottle itself), it simply can't see that the file is there.
The file appears in Finder, by exploring the contents of the .app file, but it doesn't show up by using the File Manager of Wine.

Can anyone help me?



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