[Wine] AudioToolbox version too old

Ryan Woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Wed Apr 28 22:09:38 CDT 2010

I think this was intended for the list.

>Interesting.  My MacBookPro came with Tiger.  I had to 'upgrade' it to 
>Leopard.  Some folks did not do this.  We have to still support Tiger 
>until it is really 'dead'.  BTW, I have not upgraded to Snow Leopard 
>specifically due to problems associated with X11.   Some folks just 
>don't want to upgrade or, given the problems with Windows, will not 
>upgrade.  Some of the Intel Macs cannot run Snow Leopard (yes, this is 
>true, mostly the early models, much like mine.)

Nope.  All Intel Macs are capable of running Snow Leopard.  You may need to upgrade RAM to 1GB if the machine shipped with 512MB, but any and all Intel-based Macs can run the OS just dandy, including the original Core Duo MacBook Pro & iMac and the Core Solo/Duo-based Mac minis.  The only real requirement of Snow Leopard is an Intel processor and 1GB of RAM.


I've had zero issues with X11 on Snow Leopard, either the OS-supplied X11.app or an updated Xquartz.app.  If you're relying on Fink or MacPorts packages, you're asking for trouble on OS upgrades anyway.  The built-in X11 works fine with Wine on 10.6, and Xquartz provides some GLX speedups.

>I agree.  However, if something DID work in one version and DOES NOT in 
>the next, that is a regression.  There is no disagreement on this.  
>Thus, what is happening here is a regression.  You might be truthful in 
>that this may be the cause.  The only way to insure this is to conduct a 
>regression test and then to file a bug report.

No, it's not a regression because it didn't work before.  Previously (Wine <= 1.1.40), MP3 support provided by winemp3.acm required mpg123; if Wine's configure process couldn't find libmpg123 and you attempted to configure using --with-mpg123, it would fail out.  If you configured without it, you'd receive an error:

  configure: libmpg123 32-bit development files not found (or too old), mp3 codec won't be supported.

In Wine 1.1.41+, inbuilt Mac OS X APIs are used for MP3 decoding if A.) CoreAudio is found and B.) it's running on/using Leopard SDKs (10.5) or higher.  This is not a regression, as there was no change in the working/non-working status of certain functionality, only added functionality that already has a workaround.

On 10.4, you use mpg123 and that's that.  Nothing changed, as you had to use it previously for MP3 support anyway even on 10.5/10.6.  This new code simplifies MP3 support on newer  Mac OSes.  It doesn't break anything on 10.4, and if specifying mpg123, it doesn't cause any issues on 10.5/10.6 either.  No regression, not even a problem, just information from configure.

Generally before speaking with authority on anything, it pays to do some research.  Particularly when it comes to yelling fire, or in this case, "regression;" misinformation benefits no one here, and misfiled bug reports based on perceived regressions just muddy the water.

>I had problems building mpg123 with the most recent version.  Have you 
>had luck with this?

Yes, 1.12.1 works fine.  I package it in with my build script:


You have to set a few environment variables ("-read_only_relocs suppress" off the top of my head) and make sure you're building as 32-bit and specifying the "--with-cpu=x86" configure option, but those are the only caveats. -r

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