[Wine] How to open web page in host browser on Mac OS X

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Wed Apr 28 23:52:47 CDT 2010

> Perhaps the problem is that I'm running on Mac OS X...
> Anyone with experience or hints here?

What are you using for your registry entries? On OS X the "open"  
command may come in handy. The following commands will open a site in  
your default browser, Safari and Firefox, respectively:

   open http://example.com
   open -a Safari http://example.com
   open -a Firefox http://example.com

On OS X the full path to an app's executable is a bit odd, and you may  
need to do further trickery to the passed URL. For Safari, the  
executable is in:


Using the open command is probably the best bet on a Mac, but the  
executable may be helpful. You could also wrap browser startup in a  
shell script, throw that in your path and it would probably work as  

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