[Wine] I-bar "frozen" in text box, The Journal

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 29 14:46:27 CDT 2010

>I just updated Wine to 1.1.43, and I'm now encountering this problem with The Journal software by DavidRM. (Btw, I'm
>running Ubuntu Karmic with all the latest updates.) This problem did not occur before I updated Wine.
What version of Wine did you upgrade from?

>Problem is the visible I-bar won't move in the main text box. It remains on the first space of the line of text that is "in
>focus." However, it seems my ability to type isn't hindered.
>For example, if I press the "end" key and type, my text correctly appears at the end of the line. But the I-bar remains at
>the beginning. 
>My text appears at the end, where I expect it to, but the I-bar remains at the first space on the line.
>Essentially, I can type, but I can't tell where my text will appear until I start typing!
>Also, it appears I cannot highlight and cut/copy text unless I highlight ALL of the text with my cursor.
>Any ideas?
Hmmm.  I've not been able to run a test with a recent version of Wine, but I'm working on it.

James McKenzie

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