[Wine] Re: SecuROM and Wine on Mac OS X

Haravikk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Apr 30 18:02:08 CDT 2010

Okay, thanks very much for your continued efforts on this then!

doh123 wrote:
> Oblivion has major issues under Wine on OSX that don't show up in Linux...

Like I said I had a downloaded copy of Oblivion (plain, non-GOTY) and it ran perfectly for me, except for the current problem with a number of games lacking sound (music, and some sound effects in this case). But otherwise it was smooth even with high detail settings.

I'll try installing in a VM and copying across though, then throw use a no-disk hack, see how well that works.

Thanks for the help, and I'll keep an eye-out for that update then Charles! I don't suppose you have an estimate for it?

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