[Wine] Windev application setup doesn't run under Wine 1.2

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 1 21:48:38 CDT 2010

adaro2000 wrote:
> No, the application doesn't have any problem with Windows. Everything is right as expected.
> It's an application named SchoolLead, used by schools to manage their datas. By now, there is no legal download. May be in the future.

First, what functions are you having troubles with?

Second, it is much better to file a bug report that describes in detail 
what the problem is.

Third, can you run the install with logging enabled and then post the 
log file at a site like pastebin.com?


describes the process to generate a log file.

It is much better for us to view and review a log file to determine what 
is happening.

Also, please be aware that .NET 2.0 will appear to freeze only to unlock 
and finish.  I've encountered this and my system looked inmobile for 
about ten minutes.

James McKenzie

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