[Wine] Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugins have been platinum for a long time :( now are almost useless

jordan johnston triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 23:40:55 CDT 2010


hey James, Peter and Everyone else...

so over the weekend i ended up installing fedora 13 from scratch, used
my regular kickstart, and
some custom rpms + all of my usual configurations. i then installed
wine 1.2 + wineasio
after this i upgraded wine through "testing" and got wine 1.2-2

My system is pretty much the exact same, except my VSTi's are working
again with almost no xruns! :)
im not sure what the difference is now, other than grabbing the
testing repo version of wine(and i can't imagine
too much has changed in that). But i am happy, as things seem to be on
"the up and up" again.
The only xruns i get is from Native Instruments Battery3, when
highlighting the drum cells or loading new kits.
Massive and FM8 are functioning normally now. So everything is back to
normal and working - phew....

maybe something was messy in the registry or possibly some other
oddity. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly, But it's
definetly NOT a regression in Wine. i am quite happy to report!

I just thought i should post an update.

oh and Peter I looked up jackwasio, but there is no source code
around. seems to be OSX .pkg only.
I was going to check it out. i read that the code had been revised a
bit, something about semiphores being removed to work nicer with Jack.
I also read it had been tested with Slakcware, but again i couldn't
find packages(rpm) or sources(gzip).  If you got a link, i would be
interested. google didn't turn up a whole lot.

thanks again

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