[Wine] Trying to get N1MM Logger working under Wine

Tom Wagner gmane at n1mm.com
Wed Aug 4 09:42:56 CDT 2010

dlportio is only required for LPT port keying.  I would not recommend trying 
that under Wine.  You could use serial port keying (one transistor circuit) or 
winkey - a dedicated keyer that runs off a serial port. 

Jet is the jet engine that supports the database used by the program. 

If you have been successful in getting the program to run under Wine, please 
post the steps so I can refer people to it who ask.  I don't run linux, I just 
don't have time to. 

Please also indicate what windows and functions you have been able and *not 
able* to make work under Wine.  Of particular interest are: 

  Log & Entry
  Rotor support

  Radio interfacing
  LPT port keying (certainly not) 
  Serial port keying
  Winkey keying
  Multi user using LAN
  Telnet (packet window)
  Launching of other programs for help, QRZ lookup, reporting application etc.

The above windows and functions were chosen represent distinct areas that 
might be problematic with Wine. 

Tom - N1MM

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