[Wine] [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?

Jesse Palser SLNTHERO at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 16:50:41 CDT 2010

  On 08/03/2010 02:33 PM, Jesse Palser wrote:
>  On 08/01/2010 01:15 PM, Thunderbird wrote:
>> Before I cause issues: the use of 'UseGLSL=disabled' on Nvidia is 
>> basically a workaround. (it won't help ATI and other drivers) Once 
>> the cause of the lower performance in GLSL mode is found, GLSL 
>> performance should also improve, so in the long run you won't need 
>> this option. If someone updates appdb, add such a remark and don't 
>> just say 'set UseGLSL=disabled on Nvidia'.
> Hi,
> I tried that with no notice of speed improvement.
> On the lowest graphic settings in the game, I was getting < 30FPS.
> I'll be upgrading my video card
> from a GeForce 8400 to a GeForce GT 240 tomorrow.
> Problem solved!
> Thanks...
> Jesse


Installed my new fanless nVidia GeForce GT 240 1GB today.
I can run StarCraft 2 in Wine 1.2
in a 1024x768 window on "Ultra" settings!!!



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