[Wine] Registering scripts using WINE

acidb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 6 00:48:38 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I am trying to install Caseware Working Papers 2008 (a standard audit program used by auditors to create financial statements) on Ubuntu Netbook 10.4 using WINE. The program itself has been installed successfully. In order to make full use of the program, templets also have to be installed using their own extraction (*.cwp). These templets install using scripts that is registered in the regedit.exe (i think). I have tried to install these templets, and they do install 95%, but then bomb trying to register these scripts. The reason I know it is the scripts is that I have tried to run the program with the installed templets and it crashes telling me that the scripts have not been installed/registered.

Therefore, my question: how does Wine manage registering scripts into regedit.exe? Is there a way around this so that I can make this work?

PS: Will I encounter the same problem if I had to install Pastel Partner?

I thank you in advance for the time taken and await a soon reply.

Kind regards,


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