[Wine] Re: Installing .msiexec file

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 6 13:54:33 CDT 2010

Bob Benjamin wrote:
> More info. In Wine, clicking Drive_C brings up a box with "files of 
> type" and a drop down arrow. The only files there are .exe and .exe.so 
> Nothing else drops down. No .msi. Adding the ispq9.msi doesn't help. 
> Wonder if this means Wine doesn't accept or know about the .msi. If this 
> is a dumb question. it's because I'm a Newbie and really just guessing. 
> Tks for the help and patience! :-)           Bob

You said the msi file was on your desktop. That's not part of wine's fake C: drive. 

I downloaded the file and got the same results as you. File a bug.

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