[Wine] Re: Embed wine with AutoCAD for Ubuntu

DanKegel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 7 23:50:10 CDT 2010

pouvouv wrote:
> In mac OS X there is a program called wine bottler that can embed wine to the exe progrum, thus eliminating the need to install wine on the target computer.
> My question is:
> Would anyone know whether there is a program similar to winebottler for Ubuntu or if you know how to do this by yourself?

It's possible.  We did this at Google by hand for Picasa.
And Codeweavers Crossover has the abililty to generate .rpm's
and .deb's containing Crossover bundled with an app.
But nobody's made a tool to automate this for plain wine that I know of,
probably because installing Wine is easy on Linux.

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