[Wine] Re: Wine dxdllreg.exe problem

motub wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 8 09:04:27 CDT 2010

psytrox wrote:
> Since my error is for each program, I cannot use the info specified for the dxdllreg error. 

This is not precisely true. If you go back to the third response in this thread (from the Original Poster), renaming the file works as well. In fact, that's how I usually resolve this issue myself (actually, I just dump it to the trash).

The deal is that some application you installed installed DX9 as part of its install routine. Because DX9 is a separate, invisible install routine from whatever the application was (such as Oblivion, which is where I get this error and apparently so do several others), even uninstalling the application does not remove dxdllreg.exe (or any other component of the separately installed DX9). You can see how it would be... irresponsible... of an application provider to do so.

Because it's a Windows system fileset, dx9 is installed, by whatever application that installed it, to C:\\Windows\system32. Go to ~/$WINEPREFIX (usually .wine)/drive_c/windows/system32 and rename or delete dxdllreg.exe. This should resolve the issue. If you then want to go into the Registry and delete the key, you should be now able to do that (never have done so myself; didn't even know that the key existed, tbh).

Hope this helps.

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