[Wine] 64-bit chess engines and wine 1.2

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 8 09:07:36 CDT 2010

MaxM wrote:
> MaxM wrote:
>> Just made a vm with Suse 11.3 and installed wine 1.3.0 there. Both w32 and x64 chess engines of Hannibal, Houdini and Rybka (links in the first post) run well out-of-the-box.  :D 
> It looked like Suse 11.3 is THE choice for chess. But surprisingly wine failed there to install Fritz 11! Fritz 11 is a 32-bit chess-gui from ChessBase plus chess engine Fritz. To be sure that the issue is no regression of wine 1.3.0 I installed wine 1.2. Same here, wine fails to run the setup.exe from Fritz 11 DVD.
> What a pitty, there is Ubuntu 10.04 (wine 1.2) installing & running Fritz 11 without problems, but no 64-bit chess engines. And there is Suse 11.3 (wine 1.2) running 32- and 64-bit engines, but no Fritz11-gui.  [Evil or Very Mad] 
As it was said before the WindowsOnWindows engine still needs work.  Are 
you able to run other 32 bit programs from the 64 bit version of Wine?

Right now, you will need a 64 bit and a 32 bit installation of Wine and 
separate Wine prefixes for both.

You might run into the same error.

James McKenzie

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