[Wine] Re: Font issue in Half-Life 2 via Wine 1.3.0

r2rX wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 8 15:27:31 CDT 2010

Thanks Aaron. I made the .deb but my conflict was still there. There seemed to be some remnants of prior drivers which were causing conflicts. Once those were sorted, the drivers initialized just fine.

And to confirm, it's definitely the Catalyst drivers. Using the 10.5's show no errors at all. All fonts and textures are displayed perfectly.

I won't bother testing the 10.6's....the results will most likely confirm your findings, Aaron.

Oh well...I will be rid of these issues in a week or so, when I get a GTX 480. Thanks for all the help, guys. ;)

r2rX  :D

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