[Wine] riched32.dll refresh(?) problem

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 9 22:22:51 CDT 2010

jbrown wrote:
> An application using a riched32 input text box runs almost fine. The box has two indicators, one is "total lines" and the other is the cursor position "line/column".
Unless you are running in Windows 95 mode, the proper file is riched20.

> When entering text, everything seems fine and the "total lines" counter changes whenever I press ENTER, but the "line/column" cursor position remains staying at "1/1". When I copy text into the box, the cursor moves (though indicator still says "1/1"), but I don't see the copied text. After scrolling one page and scrolling back, the text shows up.
> It seems that there is some kind of screen update missing.
> I tried that with the built-in riched32.dll as well as with several native ones.
These are just wrappers for riched20.  You need to get a copy of 
riched20.dll from WindowsXP and place it in the same directory as this 
program.  Then set riched20 to 'native, builtin' for this library file.  
If this fixes the problem, please open a bug report.

James McKenzie

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