[Wine] Alien versus Predator mouse move limit...

Daqar wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 10 12:18:35 CDT 2010


I'm sorry for spamming these forums!!  :P  I'm trying out games on wine. I got to install Alien Versus Predator, the old Win95/98 version. It seems to run just fine except for the mouse. I can't do 360 degree turns. The mouse is also limited in the vertical axis. It feels like there, behind my screen, is a window in which my cursor-arrow moves. A window smaller than the screen and when the cursor hits the edge it doesn't move anymore and subsequently I can't do 360 degree turns in the game. I can see in the wine settings, under graphics that I can check a box to enable directx programs to prevent the cursor from leaving the window. However it is unchecked.

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