[Wine] Night & Magic VIII - brightened central part

Hartmut Figge h.figge at gmx.de
Tue Aug 10 20:31:20 CDT 2010


long, long ago i played successfully mm8 on wine. Time has passed enough
to play it again. ;)

Well, there is a problem now. See the screenshot.
http://www.triffids.de/pub/screenshot/mm8.jpg (76 KB)

A great part of the image is brightened and remains so for all future
images. This effect i do only see with mm8.

For the test i am using wine 1.3.0 with a freshly created ~/.wine. No
additional modifications to wine. And also no one to mm8 itself because
i was able to launch the game successfully with

wine start 'h:\_autorun\autorun.exe'

using the mounted CD2 of mm8. Well, i had to wait a bit until this
message appears

err:alsa:wine_snd_pcm_recover underrun occurred

or the game would crash. It crashes also when trying

hafi at e675 ~/.wine/drive_c/Programme/mm8 $ wine mm8.exe

but that's another matter which has nothing to do with the graphical
problem. wine is set to Windows XP and virtual desktop.

Kernel 2.6.34-gentoo-r1
Graphic card Geforce 8800 GTS
nvidia-drivers 195.36.31

Any thoughts?


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