[Wine] Hydorah on wine

leaphion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 11 04:16:17 CDT 2010

Hi, I'm trying to run this game called Hydorah, a retro styled space shooter in the style of Gradius, on Ubuntu 10.04 with Wine 1.3.0 from ubuntu-wine ppa. 

The problem is, that when I start the game it goes on like normal for couple of seconds. The intro graphics are shown and they work as normal for a while, but then it freezes and the music continues to play onwards. When pressing a button before the intro freezes over, the main menu is shown for a prompt moment, but it disappears and the whole screen is left blank, and the music continues to play again. I can go with alt-tab to my terminal and kill it, and continue my life as normal, but I can't play the game. Makes me a very sad panda.

So, what can I do? Is there anything I can do? Do I really have to boot my way to XP just to play the bullet dodging extravaganza that the Hydorah is?

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