[Wine] Night & Magic VIII - brightened central part

Hartmut Figge h.figge at gmx.de
Wed Aug 11 11:45:36 CDT 2010

Das Letzte Einhorn:

>I use nvidia-drivers-256.44 on my main PC and it works just fine.

Leichtsinniges Huhn. *g*

>Add x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers to /etc/portage/package.unmask to
>emerge it.

Done. Same problem with this driver. Running an old installation of mm8
in ~/.wine-s1 under wine 1.3.0, old savegame:

http://www.triffids.de/pub/screenshot/mm8-b.jpg (76 KB)

In this old installation i had replaced mm8.exe to avoid the crash when
starting the game. No graphic problem in the past with an ancient
version of wine. I was not able to compile an old enough one for a test
because there was an issue with freetype. Sigh.


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