[Wine] [1.2]-Do DirectX 10 Games Work In Wine Yet?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 11 20:12:07 CDT 2010

dj--alex wrote:
> i think wine release 100% of DirectX 10 and starting 5% of DirectX11...
> ohhh (((((((((((((
> [Crying or Very sad]
> why m$ not share sources of Directx? why code not leak?
Because M$ has an ARMY of lawyers and would shut this project down in a 
matter of minutes if we used 'leaked' code.  They do not play well with 
those who use stolen code.

We MUST develop from clean room processes and this does take time.

That is why I recommended coming back and seeing what does/does not work 
with your DirectX10 program with each development build.

We have made major strides in DirectX9 support and it is far from 
complete as well.

James McKenzie

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