[Wine] Re: Do yall think that Dungeons and Dragons Online could be ran

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 11 22:02:19 CDT 2010

this is nothing to do with Wine... you just need to learn how to use the terminal correctly.  It basically thinks the space is the end of the command and it doesn't understand your giving it a folder name...  try using quotes.

cd "Dungeons & Dragons Online Stormreach"

or escaping the spaces so it knows thats an actual space and not the end of a command...

cd Dungeons\ &\ Dragons\ Online\ Stormreach

the best thing you can learn to use terminal fast is the Tab key... start typing and hit TAB and if only 1 thing fits what your typing, it'll finish it for you...

cd Dungeon  <then press TAB and let it finish it for you>

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